The Subjective Herald

This quasi-journalistic commentary is meant to promote the discussion amidst readers, in matters concerning the masses. To critically examine accounts, and inquisitively pass judgement on events, in order to promote critical thinking. We’ll be able to deconstruct doctrines and bisect social misrepresentations by reading this intrepid portfolio of opinion articles. We will reflect in the subjectivity of our experiences and realities from and objective standpoint. Controversial and provocative are going to be in the equation that conforms this proposal. So in the exchange of thoughts, we will expose biases and inconsistencies in the topics discussed and hopefully instigate the angst for fracturing objects, abstractions, concepts, as well as advocating for the truth. This is a column to have a social impact.

This blog editorial structure will be based on creative nonfiction, being factually accurate, yet with attention to literary style and technique to communicate information.