White People in the United States and its Future as a Minority

We are in the countdown of an approaching “social revolution” that swears to overthrow the current order of the establishment. This transformation is not going to ignite as the result of a civil war, as did the one in the Saint-Domingue colony —now Haiti— in the 1971, led by black slaves who sought liberation from an oppressive economic system known as slavery, and vengeance against their French-white-masters. Nor will pursue the finality to overthrow a political system (as the monarchy) to found a republic; eradicating the middle ages’ subjugating institution, and to shelter a nation with enlightened thoughts as Jean-Jacques Rousseau would propose in his texts by the 18th century to the French socialité. Even if it was necessary to hang the king himself. For if Louis XVI would have told her queen to shut her mouth before talking about cakes to the people, there would not have been, maybe, as much blood spilled back then. But no! This shift is more implicit, more silent, gifted of a social Darwinism connotation in its mechanism; evolution of the demographics.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there’s a projection that white people will become a minority by 2045, and the country will be as a result, a minority-majority one. This does not mean that this minority-to-be group is going to lose rights, but might lose privileges. Is not that diversity, that word that some of ya’ll detest so much, will allow any colored fellow to claim a white person as property, and even use it as a collateral for loans in banking institutions, nor will obligate them to sit at the back of the bus, who would do that? The fact that immigration is seeing as a threat to the status quo of the North American nation is disproportionate. When the Tainos found Christopher Columbus lost at the sea, and this funny individual decided that he wanted to christianize and humanize a civilization with a polytheist religion, political structure, a language and a sustainable relationship with nature, that ended up with an extermination/ a genocide in islands like the Hispaniola, would not be a plausible parallel comparison for  “Americans” that fear for eleven millions of undocumented immigrants that have settled amidst the communities across their white country. My mind cannot hypothesize a modern Friar Bartolomé de las Casas writing A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies in 2017, to whom we thank for the activism pro Native Americans, but not for suggesting the use of Africans instead, in the fields of the Spanish colonies, giving initiation to the “slave transantlantic trade”. The Mexicans are not going to come to the U.S. to change the American way of life. This has never happened before… or did the Englishmen that colonized North America snatched the land from the hands of the redskins, to the point of even changing their tribal administrative organization? Wait hold up-.

So apparently, the fear showcased by many Trump supporters as being loud and xenophobic, is not anxiety to the unknown, but a terror to the possibility of losing a privileged position in society. There is an implicit acknowledgement that “Mexicans” may represent a risk to the White Extremists/ New Nazis/ Klu Klux Klan members/ Alt Right advocates (or whatever you call racists nowadays) that thinks that the United States belongs to the white race. If not, look at all the rights minorities have acquired in the recent years, like the homosexuals obtaining the right to legally marry across the nation and all, after so many years of institutionalized discrimination. Changes are happening!

I Will never forget the segment in which the renowned reporter and news anchor Jorge Ramos (my life goals) interviewed the editor of the publication Renaissance, Jared Taylor for the Univision documentary “Sembrando Odio” launched by the end of the year 2016. Mr. Taylor very articulated expressed that he was going to fight to preserve the power his community had, understanding the menace immigrants posed for him and his aristocratic collective. Yet is a shame, that in this whole recent presidential campaign, the Natives Americans say was not covered by the mass media. It would be rather interesting to put realities into perspectives, and see how illegal immigrants in 1492 came to the New World to change the political organization that North American Indian tribes had back then, and how some white skin foreigner came to change their way of life against their will and even lives. Somebody send Pocahontas my regards wherever her spirit may be right now, for being the pioneer at presenting herself to Europe as a civilized savage, reformed from barbaric ways, for it is a good façade to fight for ones right to thrive inside a forming new system. Let us read the past to understand the present, can I get an amen!

I’d like to see “Mr. Elitist Editor” proofreading magazines in the mornings, and field harvesting in the afternoons. Since Mr. Tyler ultimate goal is to send all browns back to their country, to preserve his European way of life. He should be ready to get his sophisticated hands filthy with soil in between his nails, in order to eat his own cultivated crops. Once the whole brown workforce gets deported, and there’s nobody left to farm food, because white men will not do it of course, how’s such large demographic is going to be replaced? I nevertheless may have an alternative: felon black men. It is only reasonable to think that the increasing population behind bars, would serve as underpaid workers with no benefits, and provide a good pipeline to supply the agriculture market’s demand for manpower.